Kinesiology Tape

How Does It Work Exactly?

Kinesiology tape is a breakthrough new method for treating athletic sprains, strains and sports injuries.  You may have seen Olympic and celebrity athletes wearing multicolored tape on their arms, legs, shoulders and back.  This type of athletic tape is a revolutionary therapeutic elastic style of support that works in multiple ways to improve health and circulation in ways that traditional athletic tapes can’t compare.  Not only does this new type of athletic tape help support and heal muscles, but it also provides faster, more thorough healing by aiding with blood circulation throughout the body.

Benefits Of Using Kinesiology Tape

Many athletes who have switched to using this new type of athletic tape report a wide variety of benefits including improved neuromuscular movement and circulation, pain relief and more.  In addition to its many medical uses, Kinesiology tape is also used to help prevent injuries and manage pain and swelling, such as from edema.  Unlike regular athletic taping, using elastic tape allows you the freedom of motion without restricting muscles or blood flow.  By allowing the muscles a larger degree of movement, the body is able to heal itself more quickly and fully than before.

Rehabilitate Muscles And Joints The Easy Way

Kinesiology tape came onto the scene in a big way after the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China.  Numerous athletes across all sports were seen wearing this colorful tape on their shoulders, ankles, elbows and more.  When interviewed, the overwhelming response was that Olympic athletes were able to enhance performance without sacrificing time to rehabilitate sore or injured muscles and joints.  They praised this new athletic tape’s many uses and gladly recommended it, saying that it helped them to get back into the game while focusing on correct pain management practices and preventing further injury or strain.

Beware Of Kinesiology Tape Imposters!

Not surprisingly, with the incredibly positive feedback that Kinesiology tape has garnered, there are a host of imposters and counterfeit athletic tapes purporting to be elastic therapeutic tape similar to it.  Athletes and consumers alike should be cautious of imposters and fakes.  Avoid questionable brands that cannot back up their claims with scientific studies or testimonials, and only buy trusted tape brands such as the original Kinesio brand.  Remember, it’s your health and your body – and you deserve the best in comfort and protection.

Kinesiology Tape – Used By More Than Just Athletes!

After its huge athletic success and following, Kinesiology tape is finding new uses every day in hospitals, rehabilitative clinics and more to assist with joint pain, mobility and to help reduce swelling, such as with edema.  Doctors, chiropractors and sports injury therapists are discovering just how easy it is to work with the body’s natural healing process in providing it with the rich blood supply it needs to speed healing and repair damaged muscle tissue.

Multiple Kinesiology Tape Uses – Recommended For Speedy, Complete Healing

Not surprisingly, this new kind of therapeutic healing athletic tape is receiving rave reviews as the fastest, most proven way to manage pain, support healing and speed rehabilitation.  Consumer products are quickly approaching store shelves and medical professionals are starting to take notice.  Whether you’re a doctor, professional athlete or just looking for a natural, therapeutic way to ease the pain, choosing Kinesiology Tape is a smart, safe and trusted way to take control of your health for improved benefits that you can truly feel!